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How I start a colour book project Book Production, BOOKS, PUBLISHING & PRINT
Matt Maran and I setting off to Italy to see his book being printed
Podcast Interview by Matthew Maran Book Production, BOOKS, PUBLISHING & PRINT, Colour Management, Self-publishing
Crowdfunding opportunity: ‘The Red Squirrel: A future in the forest’ BOOKS, PUBLISHING & PRINT, Self-publishing
Colour Management for Print – Concepts and basics BOOKS, PUBLISHING & PRINT, Colour Management
The Evolution of Modern Book Production Technology BOOKS, PUBLISHING & PRINT
A packshot of Curtain Call, one of my completed book production projects
Curtain Call shortlisted for a British Book Design and Production Award Book Production, BOOKS, PUBLISHING & PRINT, Self-publishing
Kickstarter Campaign for ‘Hampstead Heath, London’s Countryside’ Book Production, BOOKS, PUBLISHING & PRINT, Self-publishing
Unsung Hero of Publishing 2016! BOOKS, PUBLISHING & PRINT
Q&A with whitefox self-publishing agency BOOKS, PUBLISHING & PRINT, Self-publishing
Books: self-publishing and what it costs. BOOKS, PUBLISHING & PRINT
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