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I went freelance when I moved from London to Bristol at the end of 2011. After starting out at Butterworths Tolley (now LexisNexis) I went on to work for Hodder & Stoughton (Hachette), BBC Books and Random House. After 15 years full-time in Publishing I spread my wings into other areas while keeping Books and Print at the core of what I do.

I have done some consultancy and project management for self-publishers or small independents with no full-time production specialist. I spent a year full-time within a design agency producing e-learning materials and managing Infographic design and development. I have used my contacts in some New Business development for a publishing services company. I have built this WordPress website for myself and worked on other web projects, building sites as well as managing and improving them. I’ve done some social media work too.

Managing book projects brings all my skills together; the technical knowledge of print, binding, materials, design, reprographics, image reproduction and asset management; the project skills of planning, budgeting, scheduling, problem solving, persuading and cajoling; the combination of general oversight with detail awareness. Production connects with just about every other bit of the publishing process, from editorial through to logistics and distribution, so I have experience, knowledge and contacts across the board.

My production work has extended from the cheap and cheerful to the highest quality. I started in professional publishing, took in lots of genre and mass-market fiction, self-help and wellbeing along the way and then focused on quality illustrated books of various sorts. If I had a specialism I would say its image-led work, working with specialist stakeholders like photographers, illustrators, galleries and museums, ensuring the best work is shown off to its best advantage.

Otherwise I spend as much time as possible with my partner and young son, getting out and about with my camera and doing a bit of volunteering in some of Bristol’s many environmental and sustainability projects.

I hope some of what I’ve described matches up with something you require. If it doesn’t quite, it doesn’t mean I can’t help.

If you do similar or complementary work and think we could team up then please introduce yourself.

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Testimonials from colleagues and associates

David Brimble
You would, however, be ill-advised to try this without the help of a project and production manager; someone who knows all the intricacies of book production, the right printers and paper suppliers and a hundred and one other things. It’s knowledge that takes years to acquire. And in the UK, the go-to man is David Brimble.
April 13, 2015

What I offer

I am a freelance Book Production specialist. With my publishing and print production contacts and experience I can manage your project or consult on the best way to approach it yourself.

If you are an individual, organisation or agency needing to outwork print or book management expertise then send me an outline of your requirements and we can talk things over.

I am based in Bristol, UK, but can manage print and projects internationally.


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