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Book Production

I provide consultancy and management for individuals, groups, agencies or businesses needing print production help or advice.

Essentially I offer a smooth-running project, a high-quality product and cost-effective purchasing. Even if you have some level of experience with print and publishing without the right guidance it’s easy to spend a lot more than you need to, or to make costly mistakes.

Knowledge of suppliers, materials and manufacturing processes is essential to developing the right specification and approach for your project so you don’t waste time, effort and money.

My input can range from coaching on project start-ups through to a fully managed service.

Specialist production knowledge

Particularly in colour illustrated work there are lots of pitfalls where, without some guidance, you can easily expect some additional stress and unplanned cost.

Colour Management of image files is crucial to achieving high-quality results in print. If you’ve ever asked ‘why does it look different to the artwork or how it looks on screen’ then I could be the person for the job. I can take you through all the preparation and proofing work needed to get the best results.

If you are looking for backers or to crowdfund your book project I can provide all the figures and planning you need to establish your fundraising target. I have been involved in successful crowdfunding efforts so I have first-hand experience of what is required.

Project Management

The skills and knowledge base of book production is pretty broad. It includes understanding of the technical aspects of print, binding and reprographics, but also requires scheduling, cost management and an array of other project management capabilities.

Production connects with just about every aspect of a publishing enterprise, so if it’s editorial, design, photography or distribution help you need I can put together the expertise to get your project right through the process.

I’ll do a thorough planning stage at the outset and we’ll agree what we’re aiming for. I’ll pull together all the figures so you know exactly what all this will cost. I’ll then make the process painless, lead you through it and keep you informed.

Website design and production

In recent years I have worked in digital production too and these days, in collaboration with design and development specialists in the field, I offer project management for the production of WordPress websites. WordPress is the world’s most popular website development package and enables sites across a huge range of styles and levels of complexity. I used it to build this one. WordPress sites are ideal for individuals and small and medium-sized organisations needing to keep an up-to-date presence on the web.

Social media, SEO and branding can all be handled too, so if you want to begin your online life or need a web make-over give me a shout.


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Testimonials from colleagues and associates

David Brimble
You would, however, be ill-advised to try this without the help of a project and production manager; someone who knows all the intricacies of book production, the right printers and paper suppliers and a hundred and one other things. It’s knowledge that takes years to acquire. And in the UK, the go-to man is David Brimble.
April 13, 2015

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