Budget and Savings planner for household finances

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Household Budget and Savings Planner (Microsoft Excel template).

Assists budgeting from your income, for household overheads and savings planning. Intended to help keep your household and personal budgeting under control with just a small amount of work. Cover your monthly and annual costs and set money aside for the future.

Typical cost items are included, but with facility to add or replace items to tailor the sheet to your situation.

Calculations are done automatically as you add your income, outgoings and savings goals. Clean, uncomplicated design. Does not require advanced Excel skills.

Your figures feed into a general summary and also into savings ledger sheets, which provide a partitioned view of your savings account(s) and a comparison with your targets.

Handles bespoke combinations of household (shared with spouse / partner / housemates) and individual costs and savings.

Based on my own method, along similar lines to Kakeibo / Kakebo. This simple to use, yet powerful, spreadsheet promotes conscious and empowering management of your finances.

Complete on screen, but also set up to be printed for reference.

I have not used any currency symbols in the spreadsheet. It can therefore be used in any country without needing to be adapted.

Technical spec / Compatibility

The spreadsheet is supplied as a Microsoft Excel template. Digital product. No physical material will be supplied.

Please note that the price may vary according to sales tax rates for digital goods in your country and due to any promotion I may be running on Etsy at the time.


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