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Some useful resources for publishing. Please note these are affiliate links so I receive a commission on any sales via these links. This does not affect the price you pay.



A colour accurate monitor is a great asset when preparing images for print. Most PC and Mac monitors aren’t able to render images accurately enough so you can properly compare the digital version of images with proofs and printed results. For this reason Pre-press and print companies will use specialist monitors. The brand I have most commonly seen in use in the print world is Eizo.

I have a budget-range Eizo monitor which sits alongside my iMac monitor. I calibrate both of them but they produce very different reproductions of the same files. They can’t both be correct.

I know from working on live projects that the Eizo gives an excellent rendering of images in CMYK. This removes the uncertainty you can otherwise feel when sending images off to be proofed or printed. I get predictable results every time.

There are models to suit different budgets.

Below is a link to a UK stockist of Eizo and other brands, with Eizo products from lowest price to highest.

Check prices and buy:

Colour calibration

To get the best from your monitor, that being the most accurate rendering of your images, whether that is in RGB or CMYK, you will need to calibrate it regularly, for which you will need a calibration device.

I own a Datacolour Spyder device. As with monitors there are different levels to suit different-sized pockets.

Check prices and buy:

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