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Coaching and Project Management


Illustrated Book Production Consultancy

Coaching and Project Management


Book Production Services

Quality Assurance

I specialise in image-led content in print, working with photographers, illustrators, galleries and museums, ensuring the best work is shown off to its best advantage. I coach clients through the preparation and proofing work needed to get the highest quality results.

Specification & Purchasing

Knowledge of suppliers, materials and manufacturing processes is essential to developing the right specification and approach for your project to fulfil your aspirations in a cost-effective manner.


Detailed costing and forecasting manages the expense and risk of high quality book production. If you are looking to crowdfund I can provide the figures and planning you need for your campaign.

Technical guidance

Using the correct methods when preparing image and design files ensures the highest quality result in print. Much can go awry between the camera, the screen and the finished product so care and knowledge is required in managing the process.

Project Management

Book production is a broad skill-set. It includes understanding of the technical aspects of print but also an array of project management capabilities across the entire span of a project, such as budgeting, scheduling and communications. It combines general oversight with detail awareness and technical knowledge.

Remote team working

As well as a proven, trusted network of printers and pre-press suppliers I can involve editorial, design, photography and other expertise to get your project right through the process.

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