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This book is a great reference for anyone wanting to make use of garden space for growing food, or with an interest in food sustainability and permaculture (which, frankly, should be all of us). It inspired a balcony of tomatoes and strawberries tended by work colleagues at Ebury Publishing, making us realise you don’t need an allotment or loads of skills and experience to make a start growing your own.

Content, design and materials reflecting the author’s style and personality made for a lovely package, which I still enjoy a regular grubby-thumb through.

The book is available to buy online by clicking here (please note, this is an affiliate link. Your browser should open the product page in a separate tab)

In this timely book, Gardeners’ World’s thrifty and resourceful Alys Fowler shows that there is a way to take the good life and re-fashion it to fit in with life in the city. Abandoning the limitations of traditional gardening methods, she has created a beautifully productive garden where tomatoes sit happily next to roses, carrots are woven between the lavenders and potatoes grow in pots on the patio. And all of this is produced in a way that mimics natural systems, producing delicious homegrown food for her table. And she shares her favourite recipes for the hearty dishes, pickles and jams she makes to use up her bountiful harvest, proving that no-one need go hungry on her grow-your-own regime.

Good for the pocket, good for the environment and hugely rewarding for the soul, The Edible Garden urges urbanites everywhere to chuck out the old gardening rules and create their own haven that’s as good to look at as it is to eat.


  • Published in March 2010, by BBC Books / Random House UK
  • Tie-in to six-part BBC series
  • Complex press pass, with repeating full-bleed background patterns to consider
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