FROZEN PLANET by Fothergill & Berlowitz. Foreword by David Attenborough

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Frozen Planet was the third in the trilogy following the ground-breaking Planet Earth (the book of which I also produced) and Blue Planet. The book was written by the Series Producers Alastair Fothergill and Vanessa Berlowitz of the BBC’s Natural History, with a Foreword by David Attenborough.

The book is available to buy online by clicking here (please note, this is an affiliate link. Your browser should open the product page in a separate tab)

The books of the ‘Landmark’ BBC series are a great challenge of every part of the production role. They are demanding enough if you are only organising print in such volume, simultaneously in different parts of the world with a huge logistics effort needed at the back end. In amongst all that you need to see that several hundred images are reproduced properly and the whole package begs shoppers to grab one in, as far as the UK is concerned, a crowded Christmas period.

Most of us will never travel to these great wildernesses and, even for those lucky enough to have gone, this portrait of our polar regions will surprise and astound.

Take a journey to the last truly great wilderness regions. From the Great Melt in Spring to the 24-hour summer, the beginning of the Big Freeze and long dark winter, this epic series will follow the dramatic landscapes and the emotional life stories of the animals that live there.


  • Published in October 2011, by BBC Books / Random House UK
  • Tie-in to BBC series broadcast in the UK in Autumn 2011, narrated by Sir David Attenborough
  • Multiple print locations
  • Multiple language Co-editions
  • Colour managed reproduction of stock and commissioned photography and High Definition TV grabs
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