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Thanks to Matt for permission to use the above photographs of the finished product.

The book is available to buy from the author’s online shop. Click here

I first met with Matthew Maran at the London Book Fair in April 2015. His self-published first book was a largely solo effort, managed without any publishing support. Second time around he wanted to work with a production specialist, to give him access to extra knowledge and experience about the process and to afford him more time to accommodate other work alongside the progress of the book.

As a first stage I collated all Matt’s ideas and preferences on the look and feel he wanted, and also his thoughts on the retail price and the number of copies he was comfortable trying to sell. I developed a full specification and costed it with printers I knew would be a good fit for a book of this type, able to produce something of the quality and at the price that was required. I also put together a list of other likely costs for a project of this kind, looked at the wholesale and retail outlets Matt had in mind and calculated the revenue and profit figures based on this model. This enabled us to arrive at a specification which was affordable and which we felt book-buyers would consider good value for money.

Matt raised funds through a successful campaign on the crowdfunding website Kickstarter and his fundraising target was arrived at from this initial stage of development and number-crunching.

Having done this groundwork we could get underway with preparing the page layouts and the images in the best way to get the highest quality result in print and to ensure things ran as smoothly as possible. Matt was very hands-on with the design and we worked together closely throughout the process. I gave him technical guidelines to follow and updated the repro house and printer on our progress and invited their specialist input where necessary. In April 2016 Matt and I went to the repro company in London to check the colour proofs and made some final adjustments before everything went off to the printer in Italy.

For the final stage of checking and fine-tuning (and because it’s really exciting and fun!) we also both went to Italy to see the book on press. I worked closely with the printer to make all the necessary delivery arrangements and I’m pleased to say the books arrived at their destinations bang on time.

I’d like to say a massive thank you to David Brimble. David … has worked on this project over the last year, taking care of everything from creating schedules, analysing the costs, to sourcing the printer to helping me decide on the specification of the book. He has extensive experience working in publishing so if anyone out there is looking to take on their own book project, look no further


  • Published June 2016, by Matthew Maran / Hemisphere Publishing
  • Development and costing of specification, identification of appropriate repro and print suppliers
  • Overall project management including print buying, purchasing, scheduling, logistics
  • Provided budget for Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign plus overall Profit & Loss analysis
  • Colour-managed image reproduction and proofing to FOGRA standards
  • Attended the printer to pass the sheets on press
  • Editorial and Proof-reading support and management