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A fantastic photography book production printing project, this was the first in a series of conservation books from Scotland: The Big Picture. This initiative is led by Peter Cairns and Mark Hamblin. It raises awareness and funding for rewilding and conservation projects in the Scottish highlands:

SCOTLAND: The Big Picture is a small team of media professionals – photographers, filmmakers, writers and designers – committed to creating media that inspires change. Under the umbrella of The Wild Media Foundation, a Social Enterprise that has hosted major projects such as Tooth & Claw, Highland Tiger, Wild Wonders of Europe and 2020VISION, we produce high-impact communications that fuse ecological science with visual storytelling. Our job is to inform, inspire and influence fresh thinking that amplifies the case for a wilder Scotland.’

‘The Red Squirrel: A future in the forest showcases one of Britain’s favourite mammals and at the same time makes the case for the expansion of its native woodland home. The book’s stunning imagery comes from renowned Cairngorms photographer Neil McIntyre, who has spent 20 years following the lives of his local squirrels. Neil’s images are perfectly complemented by the insightful and evocative words of celebrated nature writer Polly Pullar.’

I provided photography book printing expertise in devising a cost-effective and impactful specification and ensuring the images and design were reproduced to the highest standards. I also provided project management throughout the process, working as part of a team alongside the client’s chosen editorial and design specialists to deliver to an agreed schedule. The same specification was used for their subsequent books ‘Lynx and Us‘ (David Hetherington and Laurent Geslin) and ‘Scotland: A Rewilding Journey‘.

The book received some terrific responses, including being ‘Book of the Month’ in BBC Wildlife Magazine‘s May 2017 edition, which described it as, ‘a beguiling book in which every page is worthy of framing.’

It also received public praise from George Monbiot and Chris Packham.

Neil McIntyre (above) experiencing the glamour of a successful crowdfunding and self-publishing project.



  • Published in April 2017, by Scotland: The Big Picture
  • Development and costing of specification, identification of appropriate repro and print suppliers
  • Provided budget for Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign plus overall Profit & Loss analysis
  • Overall project management including purchasing, scheduling, logistics
  • Colour-managed image reproduction and proofing, ensuring client approval from image files through to printed result
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