Landlord / Rental Property Book keeping spreadsheet

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Record your income, expenses and profit with ease. Excel template

Manage your landlord accounts for up to 20 properties. Maintain this monthly or quarterly and it should make short work of the property element of your tax return while also providing you with a clear overview of the income and costs for each of your properties.

Add Income and Expenses in a ledger structure (see visuals). Simple and easy to use.

Choose appropriate categories and the relevant property as you make new entries. Summaries by Property and Income / Expense category as well as monthly, quarterly and annual totals calculate automatically. All calculations are provided by the sheet.

Common income and expense categories are built in. These can be tailored to your preferred breakdown. The categories feed into pull-down lists from which you can select as you add figures, supporting you in fast and consistent record-keeping.

Folder structure is provided to support you, with slots for a range of typical bills and statements.

‘Recur’ function included. This copies routine income (such as from tenancies) and any routine expenses through all the months of the year in one action.

The categories included are based on those of the property element of UK tax return. However these can easily be amended to reflect the requirements of your territory. All figures are presented in a currency-neutral style.

Technical spec / Compatibility

The spreadsheet is supplied as a Microsoft Excel template. Digital product. No physical material will be supplied.

No skills with Excel formulae are required. Calculations are built into the spreadsheets and are made automatically as you populate the relevant sections with your figures.

The template is designed to be re-used year after year, assuming the supplied template is kept intact.


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