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Reporting Coronavirus: Personal Reflections on a Global Crisis from ITV News Journalists. The book is a collection of fascinating essays by many of ITV’s news team. They reported their experiences from across the globe and all regions of the UK. It documents the story and how they adapted to covering it. Contributions come from 59 reporters. Authors include Rageh Omaar, Tom Bradby, Nina Hossain and Robert Peston.

The book was the brainchild of Michael Jermey, director of news and current affairs at ITV: “All the journalists who worked on the story in the first half of 2020 will never forget the experience. The story of the pandemic clearly has a long way to run and the lessons we need to learn continue to emerge. This book is not intended as a final word nor even a first draft of history, but rather it is the personal reflections of journalists who witnessed a lot, shared it with viewers and now in a series of essays tell the inside story of how reporting coronavirus unfolded over six extraordinary months.”

ITV, the major UK broadcaster, don’t have a publishing arm per se. This was a collaborative effort involving in-house staff, freelance expertise and service providers. A former colleague, now working at ITV, invited me on board. (Source, thebookseller)

Project and production management

I lead them through the process of turning their riveting journalism into a handsome volume. To begin with I carried out a thorough planning stage, producing a detailed specification and accurate costing for all aspects of the production. Further to that I circulated a step by step schedule showing timescales for every stage, making arrangements with relevant collaborators. This all ensured the content creation and manufacture was smoothly managed to it’s conclusion.


Published October 1st 2020. Hardback (9781910332160) and ebook
288 pages, Royal format (234 x 153mm), cased bound


The book is available to buy here

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  • Development and costing of manufacturing specification.
  • Scheduling and project management
  • Cloud based file management in support of workflow among a remote-working project team
  • Engaged and managed jacket design, editorial, typesetting, reprographics and print service providers, for physical and ebook editions
  • Overall project management of content creation, print buying, purchasing, scheduling, delivery.
  • Delivered a complex schedule in demanding timeframe, ensuring this highly topical book could be published for the Christmas market
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