Easy to use spreadsheet tool for use as a project pricing calculator. Simple process enables rapid, accurate and consistent generation of prices for your client, production or project management work. Time-saving method for price estimating for Freelancers, Sole Traders, Small Businesses, Agencies.

Suitable for calculating the value of projects with different stages, elements, collaborators.

Three stage process:

Sheet 1 – Set up Rates and other costs. Add your hourly, daily etc rates as well as other regular cost types (such as products, software costs, expenses and other overheads, materials)

Sheet 2 – Cost item database, a ‘long list’ of potential tasks and other costs to be included in your estimates – add category headings and descriptions of tasks / cost items and give them a typical value (up to ten items in each of ten categories).

Sheet 3 – Create Estimate. Select from a pull-down list to choose cost items relevant to a specific new project. This draws from your database and pulls though rates etc automatically to rapidly build your new estimate.

See video showing how easy it is to build new estimates.


Rates and cost items adaptable to any industry. Change and add descriptions and values in a simple table which feeds through to the database and estimate sheets.
Running total (both overall and by category) generates automatically as you add items to your estimate.
Percentage mark-up can be added to the total.
Currency neutral so can be used anywhere.
Three estimate sheets included, providing scope to create baselines for different types of project or for supplemenary estimates if required.
All calculations already built into the template. No experience needed with Excel formula.

Technical spec / Compatibility

The spreadsheet is supplied as a Microsoft Excel template. Digital product. No physical material will be supplied.

Please note that the price may vary according to sales tax rates for digital goods in your country and due to any promotion I may be running on Etsy at the time.


Additional information

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